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v3.1.0 Full Changelog


  • Added 2 new songs that play during the simulation
  • Added North and South America as a new map and current day scenario
  • Added Asia as a new map and current day scenario
  • You can now see red highlights over selected nation's enemy-occupied cores
  • Added Steam Auto Cloud Support across all platforms

Bugfixes & Improvements

  • Fixed a bug where you if you clicked water or outside map when using some Actions your cursor would get stuck to an action without any nation selected
  • Attempted to fix the bug where a normal city sometimes shows nation's name and gold
  • Game popup sounds now get quieter the further zoomed out of the map you are
  • If text popups for donations or core purchases are turned off, the sound effect will also be silent, unless you manually made the donation
  • Further improved performance of revolts
  • Fixed Canada's capital in Large World Map Scenario
  • On some maps slightly raised suggested nation amounts on random simulation screen
  • Reorganized maps & scenarios
  • Adjusted Credits

About the Game

Ages of Conflict is an engaging map simulation game where you can spawn and observe custom or random AI nations battle it out across an infinite number of worlds. Watch as these randomized nations interact, compete, and strive to control the world in a massive free-for-all. You even have the power to command nations and influence world events to your liking. The game is currently available on Steam, Android, and iOS.

  • There is a map named "Two frontiers" that was only ever present in v1.0.0. It was replaced with the "Istanbul" map in v1.0.1, although it would continue to be the "Run game" screen on until some point in late February 2023.
  • Before the different terrain types were added, people would use percent fill in third-party apps to represent difficult terrain.
  • There is an open beta for the mobile version that still exists today. However, nobody is registered as an active tester.
  • Joyspark Games was founded a month after JokuPelle said that making a company "wouldn't reeeaally benefit" him.
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