Ages of Conflict:Manual of Style

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This is an official policy of the Ages of Conflict wiki, and should be considered in conjunction with the Code of Conduct.

General guidelines[edit source]

  1. Articles should
  2. The title of a page should be accurate and natural (when you think of that thing, the first "name" that springs to mind generally should be the title of the page). Make sure to check that the page doesn't exist before creating it!
  3. An article should begin with a lead section, usually one or two paragraphs long, that simply summarises the content of the article.
  4. Following this is the main text body, which should be composed of paragraphs written in full sentences, explaining the subject matter of the article.
  5. The body may be divided into relevant sections, where necessary. Remember to keep content relevant to the section it's in, or split it out into another section/move it into a more relevant section.

Specific guidelines[edit source]

Some types of article have more specific guidelines, as shown below:

Scenarios[edit source]

Scenario articles should

Updates[edit source]

Update articles should follow the following guidelines:

  1. Each article should begin with the following sentence:

Version number is a Emoji-tier update released for Steam on Steam release date and for mobile on mobile release date, which one to three most notable additions/changes from the update.

  1. It should be followed by these sections:

==Additions== ==Improvements== ==Bugfixes==